CMC Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CIE) - Creative Core
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CMC Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CIE)

CCLA was called on to help Claremont McKenna College (CMC) design the logo/identity and website of the Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CIE).

Working with the Students and Advisors at CIE we were able to plan and develop a UI and overall experience that provides the visitor with an informative yet fun destination. With the design our main goal was to make the site stand out amongst its peer sites at CMC by providing a design that creates action and movement (breaking from some of the more common grid shapes). We utilized a color scheme based on similar tones from the CMC site palette while emphasizing some of the sharper highlight tones as main colors within the design.

We also created the overall logo/identity for the CIE. You can read more about this process here.

Using WordPress as the foundation, we were able to meet these goals by developing a custom CSS based theme including a simple yet modern UI.

We were also able to leverage WordPress to create various user levels to help enhance the experience for registered members while adding incentive to help grow the overall CIE Community.

To make sure the final site was as easy as possible for the current (and future staff/administrators), we built custom controls into the CMS backend complete with instructions and special fields dedicated solely to our custom solution.

From the main slideshow to the custom sidebars and events calendar, all aspects of the site are custom controlled within the overall WordPress backend structure complete with special instructions and other elements to insure ease of use.



Identity, Custom Wordpress