Fall Prevention Center of Excellence

Creative Core was hired to help with the redesign of the Fall Prevention Center of Excellence’s website (stopfalls.org). Our goal with the redesign was to improve the user interface to better serve their needs while providing a simple and intuitive method of information deployment and administration.

The FPCE website serves as an informational hub for the efforts of the center as a whole. This includes disseminating information and fostering communication between various groups (Service Providers, Individuals & Families, Researchers & Educators) creating a robust atmosphere for knowledge sharing and awareness.

In order to meet the needs discussed we focused on 3 major aspects of the web development project.
Improved User Interface, Layout, and Responsive Design
WordPress CMS Integration and Modular Structure
Clear Communication Engaging Respective Parties (Service Providers, Individuals & Families, Researchers & Educators)

We were able to accomplish these goals by developing a custom WordPress solution to help with the organization and display of multiple materials across multiple pages, layouts that utilize many different functions (text/graphic based dropdowns, breadcrumbs, etc) dedicated to deliver the desired content to the user within 2 clicks, and while using amazing hand painted watercolor artwork to create the overall identity and aesthetics of the site.